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What is Europanel?

The Europanel strategy is to enable our clients to understand global consumer behaviour and to act upon our recommendations which will be delivered visually, with quantification and impact. Clear insights will enable Clients to change their decisions and as a consequence of our recommendations they grow.

Europanel is a global partnership between GfK and Kantar Worldpanel covering consumer panels, designed to meet the research needs of international clients in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry.

GfK and Kantar Worldpanel are present in more than 50 countries globally and as such can provide an unparalleled shopper perspective within FMCG.

What do we do?

Europanel measures consumer behaviour to understand market movements and their implications. Our primary sources are high quality syndicated continuous consumer panels, run in more than 50 countries, GfK and Kantar Worldpanel – two of the top marketing information companies in the world – and our other partners. From these, we deliver actionable and creative insights to enable better business decisions.

Our service is delivered by experienced staff dedicated to consumer knowledge working locally and regionally. Our dedication delivers substantial benefits in terms of expertise and innovation.

We support this service infrastructure with continuous investment in people, methods and technology. Our industry experience of over 50 years provides the best panel management in terms of quality controls and operational excellence.

Europanel have long-term partnerships with many major international clients. Our offer is always highly customised to their requirements, matching their changing needs and structures, including central, regional and local servicing based on common objectives, analytics and insight.

The objective of BG20 is to understand what drives FMCG brand growth from a behavioural and attitudinal point of view. It is a breakthrough project because it considers inputs on a large scale never done before:

  • Over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • Over 70 categories covering Foods, Beverages, Household and Personal Care
  • Top 10 brands in every category
  • 5 or more years data on consumer behaviour
  • Attitudinal data by brand

This means a dataset covering over 15,000 brands and considering latest and trended metrics like number of buyers, value,  volume, share, frequency of purchase, loyalty, price, promotion, distribution, innovation. Linking these to attitudinal drivers such as trust, risk, relevance, global-ness, function, emotion, heritage. And considering the context – region, country, category type, retailer, consumer group.

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