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What is Europanel?

Europanel are the eyes and ears of the international FMCG industry

Europanel™ is a global partnership venture, established shortly after the emergence of the first consumer panel business, to meet the needs of international clients in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Through our partner companies, Europanel is the market leader in most of the markets we are present in and as such can provide an unparalleled perspective to the global world of consumer goods. The strategy of Europanel is based on efficient delivery of people centric consumer insights to partnering clients.

What do we do?

Europanel is dedicated to consumer knowledge

Europanel™ measures consumer behaviour to understand market movements and their implications. Our primary sources are high quality syndicated continuous consumer panels, run in more than 50 countries by our owners GfK and Kantar Worldpanel - two of the top marketing information companies in the world - and our other partners. From these, we deliver actionable and creative insights to enable better business decisions.

Understand, Change, Grow

Shelf space elasticities higher for increases

A report summarizing 1,268 shelf space studies reports an average elasticity of 0.17: On average, adding/withdrawing 10% shelf space results in 1.7% more/less sales. This level is much lower than the reaction to changes in price, but higher than the reaction to changes in advertising.

Most surprising, the findings also show that sales grow more with extra shelf space than they decline with reduced shelf space.

No sign of private labels slowing down

It may start feeling like groundhog day: In 2013 across Europe, we see Private Labels increase their shares by about half a percentage point – whilst this hides some big country differences, the same growth rate for private labels is true in the US over the same period. To date, neither Asia and LatAm have experienced any major share gains for Private Labels.

The safest way to become a category leader... to be category leader five years earlier. However, there are exceptions: looking at several hundred FMCG categories, of brand leaders in 2012 very few were not in the top 3 in 2008 – for example: Okay Kitchen paper in Belgium or Lux Toilet Soap in Austria.

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